How does it work without an app?

The world is rushing toward sweeping use of a smartphone for every action in life. On the smartphone there is NFC technology. When scanning the smartphone over the tag, information is transferred securely. 

Now we find ourselves in the process of massive use by smartphones as a means of payment instead of a credit card. This option is implemented through a technology platform called NFC. Like Bluetooth and WiFi, it’s a wireless radio communications standard.

NFCNear Filed Communication

This is an antenna built into the smartphone that is activated from the settings screen (see explanation). In Mirtec’s tag there is an NFC chip that contains a magnetic induction circuit. No need for charging, electricity, cable signals or any infrastructure or maintenance.

Scan the tag with the back of the phone by moving it 1inch above the tag on the sign.

You’ll hear the sound of a beep Informing  you that the tag has been detected. The information is built into a mini video clip that will be automatically operated onto your screen. The content will be played and seen on the smartphone screen. These tags can also be permanently locked. The content is saved in the virtual cloud. The content can be replaced and played in different languages.