Revolutions occur through the smartphone

Every day, technological innovation across the world adds further capability to the versatility of individual smartphones, helping them to increasingly establish themselves at the center of our daily life.

It’s long gone since the telephone was simply a device through which to hold a conversation: it is now our computer, our media interface, our camera and a platform to play and develop, as our window on the world.

Technology has also advanced unrecognisably across methods used to transfer information, through the introduction and proliferation of social networks,  Apps and Twitter, for example.

In order to take advantage of this expanding technological arena, Mirtec has developed tags for various uses that greatly expand the function of your personal smartphone. 

One of the features is a unique channel for increasing accessibility to information, opening up the potential for donations, and improving convenience in obtaining information whilst touring museums, parks and zoos, etc.

NFC Accessibility TAG | NFC Donor Recognition TAG | NFC Info TAG