For example
Video of NFC Info Tag Content

Get the visual information with the audio we’ve created especially for you On your smartphone

“Wow Bobby the lion from the zoo in San Diego was rescued from the hands of hunters in Africa and rehabilitated at the zoo”

Tap your way across your newly digitized world

To receive explanations and descriptions to items on guided tours of museums or national parks for example, traditionally we require a device with a headset which is cumbersome and requires you to stand in line to receive it. This requires a charging process for security needs and then a requirement to cancel it after use.We need to know how to operate the device, and remember to return it at the end.  Additionally, it features a poorer aesthetic.

Scan listen and read, enjoy a digital experience

Scanning the tag using the smartphone sends a wireless message from the tag to the smartphone antenna and the content is displayed on the screen of your smartphone automatically. No application required. There is no need to load the battery.

NFC is an integral part of your smartphone’s capabilities. Android and iPhone

Use the technology that works today with your smartphone

Today, visitors to museums, zoos and so on, want more information about the objects they have come to see and want to enjoy a different experience. It is true too, nowadays, that all of us, from child to adult, like the convenience of being updated via our smartphone.

So, imagine that a zoo visitor, for example, stops at the lion cage and scans the tag for the lion. You would be able to see a short video of how the lion was rescued from hunting in Africa and brought after major trial and effort to your zoo!

All of us from a child to the adult like to be updated with the smartphone