User experience

We’re happy to share comments from users exposed to renewal

What a pleasure to be able to see the room number…
Blind Home Tel Aviv
I thought it was impossible to renew anything for me in the accessibility signs …
Sign planner Travis
Wow it works on my phone…
New Orleans
How simple and how sophisticated a successful recipe is for the visually impaired or hearing impaired
Art New York
The perfect solution schools tours. The kids from St. John’s School were thrilled to have the tour with their smartphones. The school has commissioned additional tours for the next year
The donation tag is exciting! The head nurse of the oncology department tells how other patients who watched John’s story encouraged and helped them become stronger and think positively
Oncology department, Hospital
Our hospital is innovative in the treatments we offer. Today we are also innovators in the accessibility we provide to the visually impaired and hearing. This is also a form of social involvement.
University Hospital, Jerusalem
This is a product that is opener to a conversation with an architect
Kathy Davis Designer
This is really fantastic COOL the world of Signage gets the current characterization
A New Niche for Signage Combining Technology
Sandra ASI St. Louis
Our Donor sign becomes anthropomorphized and thanks to this ability it increases our contributions to the development of our activities
The accessibility tag enables us to support the visually impaired and hearing impaired population that we so much wanted to encourage
Dr. Smith, the bright, cold-tempered surgeon, shed a tear and remembered again the story of Gwen’s rescue
Tel Aviv Rehabilitation Center
Our educational institution always thinks about how to make it easier for populations with disabilities, and the solutions offered at high costs and complex processes suddenly the Mirtec tags made the institution really accessible with the simplicity of the product and the costs. We could have the tags without searching for special budgets.
University Hospital, Jerusalem